Ascalon Sword Festival 2023

17–19 MAR 2023
Royal Arts Fencing Academy
Columbus Ohio

Hosted by: Royal Arts Fencing Academy

Ascalon Sword Festival is a premiere HEMA tournament, featuring longsword, which will be divided into Division 1, 2 and 3, Saber, Rapier & Dagger, and Marginalized Gender Longsword Tournament.

Registration is now closed. See below for event specific details.

Division 1 is recommended for fencers who regularly place in the top 25% of open events and/or have a rank of C or greater. It will have a Grand Prize of $1,000, $300 for second place.

Division 2  is recommended for fencers that do not qualify for Div1 or Div3. Fencers who regularly finish in the top 25% of tournaments should apply for Division 1. Division 2 fencers may also choose to participate in Division 1. If you normally participate in an "Open" without getting into the table of 8, this is the level for you.

Division 3 is recommended for those that are new to HEMA, have difficulty winning bouts in their pool, or fencers who do not normally progress past the first round of a DE. Division 3 fencers may also choose to participate in Division 2.

The Marginalized Gender event is open to trans and cis women, trans men, non-binary people, intersex people, and any other gender expansive people who are often underrepresented in HEMA.

Saber and Rapier & Dagger will be run a standard open tournament, all skill levels are welcome to participate.

Please see the rules for additional details.

The 2023 Medals:

The location of the venue is
Royal Arts Fencing Academy
5770 Westbourne Ave
Columbus, OH 43213

Parking is free but expect to walk the later in the day you arrive. Please do not park in front of garage doors of other businesses.

We have food options throughout the day, including breakfast. On Saturday night, we have brisket available for dinner.

The refund period has expired.

Registration Opens:
THU, 1 DEC – 12:00 AM

Registration Closes:
WED, 1 MAR – 11:59 AM