Musketeer Challenge

Royal Arts Fencing Academy
Columbus OH

Hosted by: Royal Arts Fencing Academy

The Musketeer open celebrates the life of Alexandre Dumas near his birthday of July 25th. In his honor it is a thrust centric event hosting rapier + dagger, smallsword, epee, and foil. Everyone is invited to fence any of the weapons. On the sport fencing side, it is unsanctioned and, therefore, has no USA Fencing requirements.

Standard ruleset for Rapier + Dagger.

Pools are 3 minutes, stopped clock between touches.
All touches are 1 point
Pools go to 5 points, DE goes to 10.
Hand parries are permitted, however blade seizure is not.
If the score is tied at the end of regulation, there will be a sudden death to resolve the bout but no final exchange.

Registration Closes:
THU, 20 JUL – 11:59 AM