Tournament Rules

The following rules represent the standard ruleset for Tournaments being held by Royal Arts fencing academy. This includes: Ascalon, Blue Box, Looking Sharpe, and Hemmageddon

Prize Fighting

9.1 - Prize Fight

Prize fight matches are an option to showcase the top fighters from an open tournament. Naturally, prizes of some sort should be given away.

Prize Fight matches or bouts will be two (2) three (3) minute periods with a continuous clock or until one fighter achieves fourteen (14) cumulative points. There will be a one (1) minute break between periods. In the event of a tie at the end of time, a sudden death exchange will be held. The first clean hit (i.e. no after-blow), will result in the win.

If available the Prize Fight semi-finals and finals will be video recorded. Because of the video recording, instant replay will be available. There will be an additional judge added to the judging team who will watch the video stream and, upon hearing the Director call "halt," the video judge will hit a replay button to capture the last six (6) seconds of action. This judge will not have the ability to make calls and is responsible only for recording.

At the discretion of the Director, any exchange may be reviewed by the judges to ensure the accuracy of the call. If a bout is tied at the time of the last exchange and the exchange would determine the outcome of the bout, the Director and judges shall review the video before making a final call.

Additionally, each fighter will be entitled to two (2) replay appeals per bout, not per two-minute period. If a fighter appeals a call and the call is overturned, the fighter will retain that challenge. Only the fencer in the ring may make the appeal, a coach may not request a video review.

Replay appeals and reviews will naturally be limited by the angle of the camera. In certain situations, the video review will be deemed to be of no value and the video will not be considered when making determinations.