Tournament Rules

The following rules represent the standard ruleset for Tournaments being held by Royal Arts fencing academy. This includes: Ascalon, Blue Box, Looking Sharpe, and Hemmageddon

General Operating Rules

1.22 - Sportsmanship

We are all part of the same HEMA community, and to make that community stronger, we encourage honesty and good sportsmanship. Further, judges are not perfect and there will be things that are missed. To mitigate these issues, we ask that you respect the following:

If a fighter is awarded points which they feel un-entitled to, such as a poor strike being awarded points, the fighter may refuse the points. A fighter may only refuse points that are awarded to them, never to refuse points awarded to the opponent.

A fighter may acknowledge a valid strike against them or acknowledge a higher scoring target than was awarded by the judges. However, a fighter may not protest a lower scoring target.

A fighter may also be penalized for dishonest fencing when it is clear to the Director.