Tournament Rules

The following rules represent the standard ruleset for Tournaments being held by Royal Arts fencing academy. This includes: Ascalon, Blue Box, Looking Sharpe, and Hemmageddon

General Operating Rules

1.25 - Warnings & Penalties

Warnings are issued for violations of the rules as a Yellow Card. No points can be awarded for a yellow card violation.

Two yellow cards equal 1 red card.

A Red Card awards two (2) points against the fencer for egregious actions and cumulation of yellow cards. Therefore, each red card is the equivalent of a body strike.

A Black Card is an expulsion from the tournament. It can be for the day or the entire event. Black cards are generally due to extraordinarily bad behavior, sportsmanship, or safety violation. Failure to comply with the rules can also result in a black card.

Black Card offenses include throwing your mask or weapon, assaulting others not in the bout, and severe safety issues.

Black carded fencers will be listed as FENCER EXCLUDED.

Penalties are discussed in each section of the rules. For a chart summarizing the penalties, see the appendix.