Tournament Rules

The following rules represent the standard ruleset for Tournaments being held by Royal Arts fencing academy. This includes: Ascalon, Blue Box, Looking Sharpe, and Hemmageddon


4.3 - Longsword Strike Quality

A cut will be deemed of quality when the following criteria are met:

  • Contact: Sufficient contact with a valid target area must be made. Contact in a thrust is made with the tip and with a cut is made with the edge of the weapon (i.e. there must be contact with more of the weapon than just skimming with the tip and that strikes which land flat will not be counted);
  • Rotation: Generally, the tip of the blade should travel at least 45° before making contact with the target. This rule exists more to aid judges in determining what is a sufficient strike;
  • Intent: Was the attacker moving their weapon in a way that is indicative of a purposeful attack? It doesn’t matter if the attacker meant to hit the head but hit the hand instead, as long as they intended to make an attack.;
  • Target: Did the attacker strike a valid scoring part of the opponent. Normally, the only off target areas are the back of the head, the spine, and the groin.
  • In all weapons but rapier, the foot and ankle will be considered off target. This decision was made for safety concern due to the lack of protection in those areas.
  • Structure: Did the attacker make the attack with good structure such that the attack is valid. Things to look for at this level are edge alignment and body structure indicating proper form and ability to transfer force.